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30 - Oshakati

Positive vibes, I am a caring, kind, spontaneous, difficult but manageable jog with strangers, I eat in taxis, I believe alien exists, I do not have tattoes, I eat eembe so yeah there...


22 - Oshakati

because I'm human not a creature.. good looking guy with a great personality and good intention towards all good people


32 - Oshakati

I'm lovely, beautiful in my own way. Self respect, determined. I like to be respected; loved and I would do the same. Everything has it's time, I think this is the right time to get Mr.Right.


26 - Oshakati

Am a friendly guy that likes to meet new people ad have fun. I really don't like people that think of themselves as better than others. I really hate it when someone is trying to make a fool out of...


26 - Oshakati

Since I am a good listener,fun, easy to talk to and simple to be with and believe in taking chances


28 - Oshakati

i love basket ball an it the only sport i play, i listen to hip hop most of the time, i love people who love, respect an appriciate others for what they offer.

Jou gereedskap om jou perfekte Pasmaat mee te vind

Ontdek tot op 1000 pasmaats met ons intelligente twee-rigting pasfunksie.
Vind iemand spesiaal met een van ons baie soek-opsies en voeg daardie van wie jy hou by jou Gunstelinge.
Wanneer jy gereed is, kontak lede met 'n maklike en privaat boodskapstelsel.
Sien dit wat jy in gemeen het met ander in 'n oogopslag.
Jy is in beheer - blok lede wat nie aan jou standaarde voldoen nie of rapporteer onsmaaklike lede.


Thanks for all your help in helping me find that special one who loves Jehovah just like I do.

Corina, 2019-05-04

I highly recommended this site no you will not find your match super fast you need to be patient all good things come to those who wait Iím so happy I found what Iíve been missing ❤️

Janelle, 2019-02-24

I have chosen to delete my profile because I have found someone I believe loves me, and that I love, and this member and I have agreed, for Trust, in a long distance relationship with the intention of marriage, to delete our profiles from this site.

Clearissa, 2019-03-24