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22 - Ai-Ais

Kind, extrovert, educated young lady. Making people happy is my priority. Not really a gym girl but I know of a lot of ways to lose weight😂I'm good looking and I love to laugh, I love...


34 - Ai-Ais

I am a good listener and have a big heart. in the mean time I am a good spotter of lies and truths


27 - Ai-Ais

I like to happy and make someone smile too What I dislike fight for unnecessary things And stressing no reason I hate it really and You see me with you get jealous I won't Accept that...,?


21 - Ai-Ais

Good hearted go getter but u can get a bitter side of me if you mess with me or overstep our boundaries,skie is the limit I reach my goals am a queen who owns her own territory


23 - Ai-Ais

Am a lovely person who dont take others for advantage I love fun and humble people and i love myself alot


59 - Ai-Ais

Ek is wat ek is so jy vat my net ek is ek het nukke en grille wie het nie.

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Ontdek tot op 1000 pasmaats met ons intelligente twee-rigting pasfunksie.
Vind iemand spesiaal met een van ons baie soek-opsies en voeg daardie van wie jy hou by jou Gunstelinge.
Wanneer jy gereed is, kontak lede met 'n maklike en privaat boodskapstelsel.
Sien dit wat jy in gemeen het met ander in 'n oogopslag.
Jy is in beheer - blok lede wat nie aan jou standaarde voldoen nie of rapporteer onsmaaklike lede.


I have chosen to delete my profile because I have found someone I believe loves me, and that I love, and this member and I have agreed, for Trust, in a long distance relationship with the intention of marriage, to delete our profiles from this site.

Clearissa, 2019-03-24

Thank you, I have found my match and I am very happy.

Paul, 2019-04-25

I found the love of my life on here and married her!

Brandon, 2019-05-09