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30 - Serowe, Central

I love writing,singing is in my blood I always sings especially worshiping songs even though am not that good but it helps me to keep going every day in God's path,.taking my kids to garden park


52 - Selebi, Central

Even though a masimo/farm boy, 2.The boy knows what he want in lyf and 3.needs to be in contact with people who can be an inspiration to his personal life.6. Politicians, orators and open minded...


51 - Mahalatswe, Central

friends to help in life progression. interacting with people and also maybe long time permanent relationships depending on how you get that affection from one another.


27 - Dibete, Central

I am an easy going person, adores my children, l love reading & enjoy dancing & music.l love site seeing & watching series.


21 - Dibete, Central

Well l am kind and respectful young lady. I like travelling and having fun. We all live once so why not enjoy it


38 - Mahalatswe, Central

More natural and stable character, flexible but dominant. I like focused characters, don't entertaining indisciple. Like physical training and healthier lifestyle. I read news and spend most of my...

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Ontdek tot op 1000 pasmaats met ons intelligente twee-rigting pasfunksie.
Vind iemand spesiaal met een van ons baie soek-opsies en voeg daardie van wie jy hou by jou Gunstelinge.
Wanneer jy gereed is, kontak lede met 'n maklike en privaat boodskapstelsel.
Sien dit wat jy in gemeen het met ander in 'n oogopslag.
Jy is in beheer - blok lede wat nie aan jou standaarde voldoen nie of rapporteer onsmaaklike lede.


Thank you, I have found my match and I am very happy.

Paul, 2019-04-25

I found the love of my life on here and married her!

Brandon, 2019-05-09

I highly recommended this site no you will not find your match super fast you need to be patient all good things come to those who wait Iím so happy I found what Iíve been missing ❤️

Janelle, 2019-02-24